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Christmas In July

June 19, 2015 No Comments by Heidi
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 christmas stocking fabrics

As Christmas rapidly approached last year things went a little pear shaped. None of the new decorations for our home or presents were finished. At the time it was additional pressure to an already stressful time. So I decided that this year would be different. While chatting with my lovely knitty/crafty group, the idea of Christmas in July came up. This, I thought, is an amazing idea. There will always be last minute projects but if the bulk can be started early then why not.

The quilters in the group are working on large Christmas quilts. One of the women, Julie of Button-Button has also started a Christmas quilt along. The Merry Medallion design is only gorgeous.  If my sewing skills weren’t so poor and my list already long, I might just give it a go.

Yesterday I sat down and started my list. I love lists. It makes it easier to see what is left to do and pleasing to see what has been accomplished. Previously I’d make my lists in notebooks but found they were never to hand when needed. So after I using Asana to plan the wedding and it worked so well, I continued using it for my larger projects. Also there’s a hack where if you complete a number of tasks a unicorn flies across your screen. Who doesn’t like celebratory unicorns?! I  just started using Wunderlist for everyday house based stuff so I can easily share it with the OH. So far so good and most of the paper based lists have disappeared from the work surfaces about the house. Bonus! Less mess! But sadly no celebratory unicorns.

What do I have planned for this year? Well, there will be stockings for everyone including the dog. I have a pile of crochet tree decorations from last year that need starching and finishing with lovely ribbon and buttons. There is also either snowflake or heart garlands to make. I’d really like to make an advent calendar similar to the fabulous one the Yarn Harlot made last year but I’ll have to see about that one.

Will you join Christmas in July and if so what will be on your hooks or needles?


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